Thursday, May 9, 2013

Faux Bun

So last night I attempted to create a faux bun. I had an epic fail when I true to do the faux bun hawk because I only had two packs of hair and I needed three. So I tried the bun last night and played around with it. It took a while to figure out because when I put my real hair into a bun it was a pretty good size, very hard to hide. But since my hair is uneven lengths (it's shorter in the back than the front because of how I cut it), I can't twist it or twirl it to make it smaller. *sad face* So I played around and then watched a few YouTube videos and then played around some more. I did a one pack bun, a two pack bun, and a bun with a bang (I actually used one side into the bun and the other side as the bang. I wasn't a huge fan of it though). Today I made a choice and the winner is: 

The two pack bun!!!

I wanted to go for something big. Anyway, I like it and the hubby likes it. And I LOVE how well it blends! A friend even asked if it was my hair :-). I went and got another pack of hair today so that I can play around with a bang and practice my Havana Twists. 

Have a Happy Hair Day Everyone!

<3 Mae

*The hair that I used can be found on my Products page. 

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