Friday, May 3, 2013

*in my Marvin Gaye voice* What's Goin' On!

Ok. So once again, it's been a few months since I last posted. But I promise I will continue to get better at this. So "What's Goin' On" lately?:

1. I've recently made my own moisturizer!! But I will make a post about that tomorrow. :-)
2. I attempted to to a Teyonnah Paris inspired hairstyle and I failed. Then I attempted a faux bun-hawk. It was a technical fail only because I only had 2 packs of Marley hair and I needed 3. So I settled on this style by IslandEssence of YouTube.
3. I have recently started doing my friend's hair and I am going to be showing some of their styles as well since they're hair length varies from super short TWA to down their back.

So I apologize for the hiatus because I'm only hurting myself for not keeping better records. But I will continue to work on it :-).

Until next time!

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