Monday, April 16, 2012


I accomplished an extremely difficult task this weekend (well, for me at least): I learned to flat twist. Yes. ME!! I watched a YouTube video tutorial on how to flat twist by BlakIzBeautyful and tried it out on my hair and these are the results.

The other pic is of my hair combed and stretched MOST of the way out. May 1 I will be 2 years 8 months natural. It could be longer but I've had to cut it a few times. No more mistakes now though. I'm learning and applying the knowledge do I will achieve my hair goals. I'm looking into ways to "straighten" it WITHOUT heat to truly test my length. Last April I was at CBL (straightened) but I had to chop some off afterward (I couldn't get rid of some of the straight ends) so I'm curious as to where I am now. Plus the left side is shorter than the right so I need to even them up. We'll see how that goes!:-)

<3 Mae

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  1. Wow NeferNeNe your hair got mad thick!! Nice! and grew alot. I see the natural thang is working for ya. But yea Youtube has all the tips for hair and everything else you want to find out about, :) The best thing about doing a HHJ is that you learn about your hair so sometimes you'll encounter different things that works well with your hair and things that doesn't but it's all a learning process. Continue doing what you're doing because patience is the key but you know I have to meditate on that all the time with my hair. Love your blog btw, tell Zay I said "Hay"!


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