Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flat Twist to the Side Protective Style

On Tuesday evening I washed my hair and decided to put it into a few large twists to stretch because my sister is graduating on Saturday and I wanted to try the cute roll, tuck, and pin updo I featured the other day. I made about 10-12 individual twists in the front and was planning on doing chunky twists in the back, when I decided that I would try to flat twist it and see how it turned out. So I started from my left ear and went across my hairline. It came out nicely so I tried another one. I figured I'd just keep going and use that to stretch it. Well, I ended up with 5 flat twists all stopping behing my right ear. I decided that it looked cute and I could totally turn it into a protective style so I flat twisted straight down where all the ends were and then tucked it up and under itself and secured with hair pins. I then added 2 cute flowers to accessorize. I LOVE it!!! I also got a really nice compliment when I went out today! I will probably keep this style until next Monday (Wash Day). I wonder what I will come up with next :-)

<3 Mae

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