Friday, May 18, 2012

Twist It Up

Things got a little hectic this week. Although I took my hairstyle from last week out on Monday evening, it wasn't until Wednesday evening that I was finally able to wash my hair.

I shampooed with V05, did a DC using Queen Helene Cholesterol under a shower cap and a knit hat (it was about 2 hours. Long enough to eat dinner and do Family Worship), then did an ACV rinse (for the first time), rinsing that out with a blast of COLD water. I then tried the LOC method, that I read about the other day and used water, olive oil, and Hawaiian Silky lotion and begin to style my hair into twists. It took me two days to finish them but it did:-)

My plan is to leave these in for at least a week, touching up as necessary and then rocking a twist out for a few days, just to bring me back to Monday Wash Day. They turned out nicely so I think it'll work.

<3 Mae

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